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Experience with startups and entrepreneurs, higher ed, health care, politics, accounting

An award-winning journalist for 12 years, Sharon Waters was the editor of a top business journal and worked at a Gannett newspaper/website covering health care, politics, economic development and government.

Sharon is an expert on startups and small businesses. She taught entrepreneurship, helping hundreds of students develop business models, conduct customer discovery and pitch their ventures. A leader on special challenges faced by female founders, Sharon created and then managed Women Entrepreneurship Week, which she grew from nothing into a global movement involving more than 240 universities/colleges in 32 countries and 49 states. Sharon also has organized and managed scores of events, including daylong conferences drawing hundreds of attendees.

After working six years in the business school of a public research university, Sharon has a keen understanding of academia.

A CPA who worked in public, private and governmental accounting for six years, Sharon understands numbers, and how to write about them in a concise and clear way.

A politics junkie, Sharon was the NJ deputy communications director for the Mike Bloomberg 2020 campaign.

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